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Yozobi has helped hundreds of organisations transition from legacy systems to Cloud-centric technologies that supports both their business operations and their customer interactions.
Our end-to-end digital expertise has been utilised in many projects, including migrating core technology systems from on-premises to the Cloud, building integration from industry-specific software to third-party Cloud apps such as Salesforce or QuickBooks Online, to building software that revolutionises how organisations interact with their customers.

Here are just a few of those Yozobi Stories…
Customer Story: Fintech
JCAP is a leading provider of Treasury services to the offshore financial services industry.

The business was seeking to modernise how their clients accessed data produced by JCAP which offered analytics and reporting on cash held across various bank accounts. Historically this information was provided to clients on Excel spreadsheets and via PDF documents.

Yozobi was engaged to build a platform that would deliver this information to clients through an online portal, with access to real-time data and various dashboards, as well as the ability to download the data in an electronic format.

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Customer Story: Proptech
AgentRelay powers agent-led, virtual property viewings, with built-in video conferencing and chat capability.

Sectors utilising AgentRelay’s technology includes residential and commercial real estate, student accommodation providers and the hospitality industry.

Yozobi was appointed by AgentRelay to build integration into Matterport’s SDK to help power its agent-led virtual viewings. Matterport is the leading virtual tour technology globally. Yozobi was also tasked with building other agent-centric features for the viewing process, including integration into the Google Maps API.
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Customer Story: Microsoft 365 & Azure
Entrust is a newly established firm offering fiduciary services.

Entrust sought to benefit from modern Cloud-based technologies such as Microsoft 365 whilst also having anywhere-access to their core software package, delivered as a native application as part of a hosted desktop solution.

Yozobi was appointed to both provision Entrust’s Microsoft 365 tenant and hosted desktop infrastructure in Azure that would offer Entrust’s users anywhere-access to their full software suite via browser-based desktop.
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Customer Story: Technology Advisory
Jersey Oil & Gas PLC
Jersey Oil & Gas is an independent oil & gas organisation focused on the North Sea. As a PLC it is extremely important for the organisation to have robust, scalable, and secure systems in place.

Yozobi was appointed by Jersey Oil & Gas as its strategic technology advisor.

JOG’s user-base is worldwide and so a Cloud-based technology infrastructure was necessary to facilitate a dispersed workforce and the various technology systems required to operate in this field. It was also imperative for the organisation’s success that it had access to best-in-class data and cyber security systems.
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Customer Story: SDK
Visiting Media builds the world’s most capable sales enablement technology for the hospitality industry and its increasingly digital customers.  Working exclusively with brands, ownership groups and management companies, Visiting Media’s virtual selling solutions now empower thousands of hotel, cluster and global sales teams.

Yozobi was appointed by VisitingMedia to build integration into Twilio’s video conferencing, screen sharing and screen recording SDK for their TrueTour platform, a sales enablement suite that aggregates digital sales assets for the global hospitality industry.
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Customer Story: brochure website
SmartOffice offers on-demand office administration resourcing.

SmartOffice sought to modernise its website to better engage with its target audience and to effectively showcase the range of outsourced administration services it offers.

Yozobi was appointed to both design and build the website for SmartOffice. Yozobi utilised Webflow as the primary tool for this project both for the build process and to deliver a robust hosting solution.
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