Customer Data Platform (CDP)

Digital natives, like Amazon and Netflix, have proven that a customer-centric strategy drives both growth and loyalty. Their secret sauce? Their first-party data allowed them to get close to their customers and build personalised experiences that customers love.

But digital natives aren’t the only ones using data to develop strong customer relationships. Enterprises have entered the arena using the automated customer engagement tools Yozobi implements and are now becoming innovators in their own right.

Yozobi helps clients aggregate live data into their Customer Data Platforms (CDP) from their mobile apps, websites, and databases to deliver automated & hyper-personalised customer engagement at scale, as well as the provision of insights dashboards for reporting and key KPI tracking.
Empower your Product & Marketing Teams with real-time customer data.
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Engage with your audience automatically at scale.

For Marketing Teams

Personalise every interaction and offer consistent and real-time customer experiences at scale.

Easily integrate automated messaging into user journeys using email, SMS, In-App and Mobile Push channels, or even across a combination of channels.

Target the right customer with the right message at the right time. Build audiences and create a suite of real-time campaigns and broadcasts to optimise user engagement, without relying on your software developers.

Use first-party data from your Customer Data Platform (CDP) to build custom audiences to better target paid digital advertising campaigns.

For Product Managers

Yozobi helps clients build data-driven products and delightful customer experiences by uncovering insights across the product’s touchpoints, including information on usage, churn, user preferences and behaviours, and other important metrics such as Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) and Lifetime Value (LTV).

This single, real-time customer view can help optimise product development priorities whilst also offering product teams access to key KPIs to optimise take-up, conversions, and revenue.
Customer Story: customer data platform
LassWho’s platform allows fans to connect with their heroes and inspirational leaders via convenient video calls.

Yozobi was engaged by LassWho to firstly build web and mobile apps for the platform and then helped the start-up with its growth strategy, including inbound and outbound marketing, SEO, and advertising.

Yozobi also helped LassWho implement various technologies to drive automated and personalised customer engagement at scale as well as implement reporting tools that offered real-time insights on key platform and user metrics, information that is critical to shape future development and growth strategies.
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Empower your Product & Marketing Teams with real-time customer data.
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