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Yozobi has deep experience in the latest marketing, advertising, and prospecting tools to supercharge clients' brand visibility and maximise the ROI on their marketing and sales budgets.

AI and data analytics are playing an increasingly important role in marketing strategies and content creation. Our key expertise in this area allows us to put your sales outreach, customer engagement and marketing campaigns on autopilot.
Build a 360 marketing & prospecting stack that powers your sales pipeline on autopilot
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+ Digital Marketing Strategy
+ Paid Digital Advertising (Re-targeting, Display & PPC)
+ Sales Intelligence: Buyer Intent Signals
+ Sales Intelligence: Prospect List Automation
+ Automated Email Marketing & Prospecting Campaigns
+ Automated Customer Upselling via email, SMS & in-app
+ Content Creation for Paid Ads and Social Posts
+ Website Landing Pages, Heatmaps & Customer Surveys
+ SEO Strategy, Content & Blogs
+ Video Production: Explainers & Case Studies
Yozobi has unrivalled expertise in all facets of modern, digital marketing, and can offer a comprehensive 360 outsourced solution, or if preferred, a much more targeted service in specific areas such as digital marketing strategy, paid advertising, automated prospecting lists that match your ideal customer, content strategy and many other related services.

Marketing and prospecting outcomes have improved enormously as new technology has emerged that automatically identifies and engages with your ideal customer profile, systematically managing prospects through the sales funnel, from awareness, to consideration, to conversion. Typically this technique uses automated messaging, with a combination of quality content and direct sales copy, based on various trigger events. Additionally, cutting-edge AI, such as ChatGPT, is becoming increasingly valuable for marketing content and strategy.

Yozobi can also help customers implement and integrate a curated suite of market-leading marketing and CRM tools to maximise the impact of their growth strategies. This includes automated prospecting tools, buyer intent software, video creation technology, landing page tools, AI-based marketing platforms, and much more.
Marketing Lifecycle
Ideal Customer Profile
Value Proposition
Brand Messaging
Key Buyer Awareness
drive traffic
Digital Ads
Cold Email
Cold Outreach
Social Posts & Comments
Consideration & conversion
Marketing Collateral
Video / Landing Pages / Blogs
Ad Content
Conversion Tools
Email / eBooks / Offers
Hyper-targeted, multi-channel advertising campaigns
Implement cost-effective advertising and retargeting campaigns that are only shown to specific cohorts that meet your ideal customer profile to maximise advertising impact and minimise spend on non-receptive audiences.
Yozobi’s marketing gurus have deep experience in building effective digital marketing campaigns across various channels, including Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn, and for a variety of industries.

We also offer detailed reporting services to ensure all ad spend can be effectively tracked against key metrics, including all-important conversions.

Our ad campaigns are not set up and then just left to run. The most effective marketing strategies require both detailed management and ongoing optimisation of the ads and the channels they are shown on, to continually fine-tune targeting and maximise campaign outcomes.
Automate customer prospecting at scale
The old ways of customer prospecting by building manual lists and sending individual emails, or using mass emailing platforms that don’t hyper-personalise messages for recipients are dead.
We use the latest technologies to automatically build prospecting lists and programmatically push this data to platforms that run outbound emails campaigns on autopilot, using technology that minimises messages being blocked for the recipient and optimises message copy to improve engagement.

Our team has worked with hundreds of companies to scale their customer prospecting campaigns, and we can also integrate other technologies into the process, such as software that embeds video messages in the email body, and solutions that automatically push engaged prospects from automated, outbound campaigns to customers' CRM systems, with related notifications sent to Slack or Teams.
Create customer journeys that capture & convert new leads
Capture new leads from your website, app or blog and then nurture them with personalized messages. Automate repetitive tasks like educating new subscribers, assigning leads, booking appointments, and following up sales leads.
The worst outcome when you have persuaded a prospect to visit your website is for the site’s content to not drive them effectively through your sales funnel.

A sales funnel is typically defined as: top of the funnel - create awareness of your product or service, then middle of the funnel - engage prospects with valuable content and drive them to consider your offering, finally, bottom of the funnel - this is where the prospect is converted into a customer. The more effective this journey is, the more likely it is for those visitors to be converted into customers.
This process is typically optimised by pushing prospects to landing pages (rather than a main website) which speaks to their specific requirements and offers supporting content, such as social proof, on the value of the offering. On-page tools such as automated meeting scheduling capability, live chat features, email address collection from downloadable e-books and embedded video messages also optimise visitor engagement. These known prospects can then be added to mailing lists and other outreach tools to automatically nurture the opportunity in the middle of the funnel until they convert.

The strength of paid digital advertising has already began to wane as Apple and others start to block ad tracking on their platforms, meaning it is increasingly difficult to understand which ad campaigns convert customers, and in 2024, all advertising cookies will disappear completely. It's now more important than ever to utilise first party data to convert prospects, which can be accomplished by producing good quality content and implementing effective outbound campaigns to drive traffic to specific landing pages.
Automate upselling to your existing customers
It is much easier to persuade existing customers to spend more with you than to convert your sales prospects.

It makes sense then to implement tools that automatically engage with them digitally, and at the right time, to both retain those customers and effortlessly increase revenue per customer.
Yozobi is an expert in implementing customer data platforms (CDP), technologies that orchestrate source information from websites, apps & underlying databases and pushes this data to downstream apps, including customer messaging platforms, reporting tools, advertising networks and CRM platforms. The CDP becomes the single source of truth on the customer. Changes to data in these source locations can act as a trigger event for personalised customer messaging e.g. "you need to top up your credit" or to update reporting data in customer analytics software.

A good example of a CDP in action is when insurance companies automatically trigger messages to customers over email, SMS, or indeed in-app when an insurance renewal is due, or a new bundled insurance offering is being launched, maximising customer engagement, upselling opportunities & conversions, both automatically and at scale.

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Build a 360 marketing & prospecting stack that powers your sales pipeline on autopilot
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