PR & Crisis Communications

Hundreds of organisations trust our PR team to both protect and promote their brands. Whether this is through coordinated awareness strategies, or dealing with an unforeseen brand crisis, we have the experience across multiple industries to deal with any situation.
Supercharge your brand reputation and plan for unforeseen negative events.
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Public Relations
+ Reputation Management
+ Press Releases
+ Advertorials
+ Media Relations
+ Copywriting
+ Promotional Events
Our PR team supports our customers by both growing awareness of their brands and in tactically enhancing their reputations through a range of positioning strategies.

Typically we build a PR plan with customers as part of onboarding and regularly thereafter, encompassing both the identification of subjects that will best promote those brands, and in creating the copy for each piece to appropriately share the desired narrative.

Once the plan is agreed, a PR diary is created to schedule the distribution of content across relevant channels, including traditional media, social media, and other content platforms.
Crisis Management
+ Classify Crisis Events
+ Facilitate swift responses
+ Damage assessment & control
+ Identify First Response Team
+ Prepare plans of action
+ PR crisis analysis
When considering crisis management, there is both bad and good news.

The bad news is, there is a high chance that a crisis will hit your organization someday.

The good news is, you can prepare a crisis communications plan for your business and minimize the damage. As the old adage goes, fail to plan, plan to fail.

Our PR team are experts in planning for crises and will ensure the negative impact from these types of events will be controlled and fully managed. By relying on the robust plan we have built and tapping into our deep communications experience, our customers make the best of a bad situation.
Supercharge your brand reputation and plan for unforeseen negative events.
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