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Yozobi has taken its own SaaS products to market and has helped numerous other digital companies launch or grow their user base using the methodologies we offer as part of our outsourced digital product management solution.
Outsource your Digital Product Management to the experts.
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Outsource your Product Management to the experts.
You may have developed a digital product idea, but you and your team may not have the time to fully invest in the project.
Yozobi has a ready-made solution to this problem through its outsourced product management service. We can offer a full-service solution, inclusive of the following:
  • Initial branding & user experience design
  • Product documentation & user guides, explainer videos and marketing templates
  • Product development via our in-house software developers
  • Robust project management for keeping the project on track and on budget
  • Go-to-market strategies - inbound and outbound marketing, SEO, sales, and paid advertising
  • Customer Success teams for end-user support and product feedback
  • Data teams to connect the information in your apps to customer engagement & KPI reporting tools
  • Teams to build real-time customer messaging templates and key metric reporting dashboards
Customer Story: Outsourced product MANAGEMENT
LassWho’s platform allows fans to connect with their heroes and inspirational leaders via convenient video calls.

Yozobi was engaged by LassWho to firstly build web and mobile apps for the platform and then helped the start-up with its growth strategy, including inbound and outbound marketing, SEO, and advertising.

Yozobi also helped LassWho implement various technologies to drive automated and personalised customer engagement at scale as well as implement reporting tools that offered real-time insights on key platform and user metrics, information that is critical to shape future development and growth strategies.
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Outsource your Digital Product Management to the experts.
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