API & SDK Development

Yozobi has deep experience in integrating with third-party APIs and in developing bespoke interfaces for the software we build.

We can also utilise third-party software development kits (SDKs) in solutions we build to help take clients’ products to the next level.
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Supercharge your digital products with features and data connected through APIs and SDKs.
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Orchestrating APIs and SDK to build game-changing solutions.
Yozobi has market-leading expertise in designing and integrating with APIs, including both for GraphQL and REST interfaces.

API expertise is a key enabler for the modern technology stack, allowing organisations to integrate with third-party APIs to enhance their own offerings, and to offer connectivity with end-customers technologies to deliver more integrated solutions.

We can also build or integrate APIs with customers’ internal systems to reduce manual effort and improve data flow across the organisation. Enterprises are increasing seeking new ways to create efficiencies and offer-up real-time to consumers of data, both internally and externally.
Customer Story: SDK
Visiting Media builds the world’s most capable sales enablement technology for the hospitality industry and its increasingly digital customers.  Working exclusively with brands, ownership groups and management companies, Visiting Media’s virtual selling solutions now empower thousands of hotel, cluster and global sales teams.

Yozobi was appointed by VisitingMedia to build integration into Twilio’s video conferencing, screen sharing and screen recording SDK for their TrueTour platform, a sales enablement suite that aggregates digital sales assets for the global hospitality industry.
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A trusted development process

Refined over hundreds of projects, we implement an API development process that ensures successful outcomes.

Every technology project starts with a plan and a clear process in place.

Before building anything we document your  API requirements and the underlying technologies necessary to deliver those features.

Only then do we begin planning the actual API development. Typically we work in two week development and testing ‘sprints’.

After the  project is delivered, clients can engage Yozobi for ongoing maintenance and support, ensuring the API is optimised for ongoing use.

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A proven formula

Some of the APIs and SDKs we’ve worked with

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