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Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella recently stated: ”…every company is now a software company…it’s really you yourself thinking of your own future as a digital company”.  With both customers and employees there is now an expectation to both self-serve & access appropriate data digitally on any device.

"There has been a cultural shift in how we all consume content in our personal lives, migrating away from traditional methods to digital-first, mobile-first consumption, managed through apps on our smart devices."

Web & Mobile App Development

Business customers and consumers increasingly prefer to self-serve information by engaging with organisations through web and mobile apps, which are more convenient and offer access to real-time data whenever customers choose to do so.

Convenience as a cultural shift

Yozobi has seen a surge in enquiries in our home market of London and more widely across the UK, for mobile and web development, based both on the shift in demand from customers for increased convenience together with the social distancing impact of COVID19, which is driving huge demand for self-serve apps and portals which reduce face to face contact.

The desire for self-service capability, given the new COVID reality, is also supercharged by a wider cultural shift in how we all consume content in our personal lives, migrating away from traditional methods to digital-first, mobile-first consumption, managed through apps on our smart devices.

Self-service  features organisations may offer include product & service sign-up capability, tools for uploading “KYC” documentation & forms, together with product dashboards and reports. Speedier customer responses can also be facilitated via the introduction of “Live Chat” messaging within the customer portal or app.

While digital transformation efforts may initially target the customer journey, organisations can also transform their operations by offering similar self-service tools to internal teams, using the same web and mobile app technologies used to delight and inform customers. The information presented to internal audiences through these tools can also be made more relevant by presenting live data feeds via APIs and through the integration of other real-time information to support process improvements, real-time information and improved decision making.

How Yozobi can help

Yozobi’s expertise extends to developing software in all its forms, from SaaS solutions for start-ups, including the fintech and proptech sectors, to other self-service tools for the broader market including web portals and mobile apps. These mobile-first tools can then be made available through both Apple and Android App stores for native Android and iOS apps, or simply presented as a web app on those mobile devices.

Our app and web developers have broad experience in the key areas required to design and build modern software, including exposure to agile project management methodology, user experience design (UX), user interface design (UI), serverless application frameworks and API expertise in order to integrate the tools developed with external solutions, including CRM, payment and key enterprise software platforms.

There are a high number of software development companies based in London, across the UK and globally but Yozobi offers a comprehensive and proven solution for building modern web and mobile software using best of breed technologies and for a competitive price.

Yozobi is well positioned to be a long-term partner for our customers, supporting the solutions we have built for them through software support contracts and by offering strategic advice and digital excellence in line with customer expectations and technological advances.

"As the products and services organisations offer change more quickly, developing agile in-house software allows those organisations to support their products and services more effectively."

Bespoke Business Software

Organisations increasingly operate in fiercely competitive sectors in which offering access to services via self-serve online tools and generating improved operational efficiency through digital transformation is often the key difference between those that are highly performing and those that are suffering existential challenges.

Integrated solutions

Developing bespoke software that is tightly aligned with products and services, the needs of customers (now typically mobile-first, digital-first audiences), and enables both process automation and improved insight through connected data, helps organisations to move into the highly performant category. 

Those organisations that rely on outdated off-the-shelf software, highly manual processes and siloed data will suffer in comparison, as their customers begin to migrate away to suppliers who can meet their needs through self-service tools, or to competitors who can manage their costs more effectively through automation, inter-connected data and access to real-time analytics.

The speed at which products and services need to develop to meet transient customer demand in the digital era requires a highly agile operating model which can easily adjust to incorporate new technologies or new customer offerings. This is extremely difficult when operating under a traditional model.

How Yozobi can help

Yozobi helps organisations develop digital ecosystems that facilitate the flow of real-time data across the organisation and out to customers as an interconnected whole, whilst also enabling the operational agility needed to meet customer demand in an ever-changing landscape.

Bespoke software development can be the vital ingredient that connects disparate data sources, aligns business software to both customer and internal needs, while improving access to information for all stakeholders.


How it works

Consultancy & Requirments Analysis

Yozobi works with clients to carefully understand their requirements, current pain points and budget before considering suitable and flexible technology solutions to meet those needs, whilst also future proofing their investment given the fast-changing technological environment that is now the norm.

Technology Evaluation

Our team are experts in a wide range of programming languages and Natural Language Processing such platforms such as IBM Watson, Amazon Lex and Google Dialogflow. Yozobi will always recommend a solution that best meets our clients’ needs, not shoehorn them into technologies which make life easier for us.

How we work

Yozobi uses modern Agile software development techniques to ensure we can both build and iterate software and chatbot platforms quickly and efficiently based on clients’ changing requirements.

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