Omni-Channel Engagement

Powerful Tools for Customer Engagement


Customers increasingly prefer to engage with organisations through digital channels such as Website Live Chat, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and emerging Voice Assistant technologies including Alexa and Google Assistant. Brands should also consider deploying video call and co-browsing technologies to offer seamless customer support and unbroken customer journeys in the digital age.

Social Messaging for Business

Social Messaging is the preferred tool for communication for individuals in their personal lives and is increasingly where they want to engage with brands.

Yozobi can effectively integrate these conversational channels into our customers technology stacks, including with WhatsApp for Business and Facebook Messenger.

Video Calls, Website Chat & Co-Browsing

Customers are demanding unbroken interactions with brands when contact is made through their websites.

Yozobi helps organisations to deliver unbroken engagement through these interactions by enabling website chat upgrades to voice, video calls and website or document co-browsing.

Chatbots & Voice Assistants

Chatbots help brands offer Always-On Customer Support and reduce the demands on human agents within the contact centre.

Voice-Assistants such as Alexa & Google Assistant enable customers to engage with brands effortlessly wherever voice assistants are available.

Back-Office & CRM Integrations

Personalised 1:1 customer interactions can only be delivered through effective integrations with back-office systems and CRM software.

Yozobi’s team has expertise in integrating customer engagement channels with those internal systems to supercharge the customer experience.

Customer Surveys

Introducing surveys into digital customer journeys allows brands to create a feedback loop on their services and better understand customer sentiment, as well as providing CSAT, CES and NPS metrics.

Those organisations can then use analytics derived from those surveys to improve their products & services as well as customer support.

Contact Centre Software

Traditional on-premise contact centre platforms are inflexible and cannot adapt to rapid changes in technology & customer preferences.

Modern Cloud contact centre platforms such as Amazon Connect and Twilio Flex provide omni-channel capability with pricing based on usage basis.


How it works

Consultancy & Requirments Analysis

Yozobi works with clients to carefully understand their requirements, current pain points and budget before considering suitable and flexible technology solutions to meet those needs, whilst also future proofing their investment given the fast-changing technological environment that is now the norm.

Technology Evaluation

Our team are experts in all technologies which support digital customer engagement in the modern age, including social messaging integration, website engagement tools, chatbots and Cloud based contact centre platforms. Yozobi will always recommend a solution that best meets our clients’ needs, not shoehorn them into technologies which make life easier for us.

How we work

Yozobi uses a systematic approach to managing projects which seek to implement digital customer engagement technologies into our clients’ customer journeys. The starting point for these projects is always to understand the wider business imperatives of our clients rather than it being a technology-first project.

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