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Modern customers are increasingly mobile-first, time-poor, have high demands of their suppliers and can easily impact brand reputations on social media and other platforms. It is imperative then that customer demands are met by offering efficient, always-on customer support on the channels they increasingly prefer, which tend now to be digital. Increasingly chatbots (virtual software agents) have become an effective way to provide customer support and meet customer demand for omni-channel, always-on support.


Chatbots automate customer conversations across digital channels including website live chat, social media messaging & both Alexa and Google Assistant voice assistants.

The technology allows brands to offer 24/7 customer support and deflect simpler conversations that historically were handled by humans to software bots, enabling more complex requests to be handled by humans more quickly.

Powering Chatbots with Data

The most effective chatbots are those that have been fed external data in order to best service customer enquiries.

This may take the form of CRM records, access to other enterprise data via APIs or through improved customer intent understanding using Natural Language Processing platforms such as IBM Watson, Amazon Lex or Google Dialogflow.

AI Supporting Human Agents

Software bots can also be provisioned to support human agents by offering suggested answers to the human agent based on underlying knowledge and access to data across the enterprise.

This technology helps improve the consistency and quality of those conversations whilst also reducing the length of conversations and associated costs.


How it works

Consultancy & Requirments Analysis

Yozobi works with clients to carefully understand their requirements, current pain points and budget before considering suitable and flexible technology solutions to meet those needs, whilst also future proofing their investment given the fast-changing technological environment that is now the norm.

Technology Evaluation

Our team are experts in a wide range of programming languages and Natural Language Processing such platforms such as IBM Watson, Amazon Lex and Google Dialogflow. Yozobi will always recommend a solution that best meets our clients’ needs, not shoehorn them into technologies which make life easier for us.

How we work

Yozobi uses modern Agile software development techniques to ensure we can both build and iterate software and chatbot platforms quickly and efficiently based on clients’ changing requirements.

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